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Cedarville Public Schools
9500 Pirates Point
Cedarville, Arkansas 72932
Phone: 479-474-7220
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Countdown to the Cedarville Eclipse Party - Each school will have activities to celebrate this phenomenal event! #PPRD
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Barbara Henson-Preston Henson-Preston, Barbara
Cafeteria Staff
barbara.preston@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School
Summer Henthorne Henthorne, Summer
Middle School and High School Nurse
shenthorne@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Telitha Hernandez Hernandez, Telitha
High School Counselor
TelithaH@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Deborah Hevner Hevner, Deborah
Cafeteria Staff
Cedarville High School
Jennifer Hightower Hightower, Jennifer
EAST Facilitator
jhightower@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Jessica Hightower Hightower, Jessica
Wellness Center Administrative Assistant
jessicahightower@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools View Website
Christy Hopkins Hopkins, Christy
christyhopkins@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School
Diane Howard Howard, Diane
dhoward@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Debbie Johnson Johnson, Debbie
djohnson@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School
Jennifer Jones Jones, Jennifer
5th and 6th grade Science & 6th grade Study Skills
jjones@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Rachel Keeter Keeter, Rachel
Spanish Teacher/JAG Specialist
rkeeter@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Linda Kennedy Kennedy, Linda
lkennedy@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary
Jimmy Kirkendall Kirkendall, Jimmy
School Resource Officer
jkirkendall@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools
Theresa  Koonce Koonce, Theresa
District Administrative Assistant
tkoonce@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools
Debbie  Lamproe Lamproe, Debbie
dlamproe@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School
Michelle Lankford Lankford, Michelle
Jr High Band Director, Middle School Music
mlankford@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
LaTrisa LaRue LaRue, LaTrisa
District Bookkeeper
llarue@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools
Twyla Ledesma Ledesma, Twyla
Elementary Counselor
tledesma@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Felicia Leister Leister, Felicia
1st Grade
fleister@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Desiree Little Little, Desiree
4th Grade
dlittle@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Lisa Mankins Mankins, Lisa
2nd Grade
lmankins@cedarvilleschools.comCedarville Elementary View Website
Stephanie Maxwell Maxwell, Stephanie
Library/Media Center
smaxwell@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School
Denise  McAfee McAfee, Denise
dmcafee@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary
Sarah McPhate McPhate, Sarah
Special Education Supervisor/Middle School Admin
smcphate@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools
Sarah McPhate McPhate, Sarah
Middle School Administrator/Special Education Supervisor
smcphate@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools View Website
Elizabeth Moncrief Moncrief, Elizabeth
Special Education
elizabeth.moncrief@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Matthew Moses Moses, Matthew
Transportation Director
mmoses@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools
Kathy Motley Motley, Kathy
5th Grade English and Reading, 6th Grade Social Studies
kmotley@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Pattie Murphy Murphy, Pattie
Federal Funds Program Coordinator
pmurphy@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools
Terry Parks Parks, Terry
5th Grade Social Studies, 7th Grade Social Studies
tparks@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Erin Partain Partain, Erin
epartain@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School
Jacqueline  Patino Patino, Jacqueline
1st Grade
jacqueline.patino@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Susan Payne Payne, Susan
Cafeteria Staff
Cedarville High School
Clair Pence Pence, Clair
Reading Specialists
cpence@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools
Zach Pense Pense, Zach
7th Grade Math
zach.pense@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Jeff Peters Peters, Jeff
HS Band Director, JR High Band, Middle School Music
jpeters@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
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