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Cedarville Public Schools
9500 Pirates Point
Cedarville, Arkansas 72932
Phone: 479-474-7220
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Jacqueline , Jacqueline
1st Grade
jacqueline.patino@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
kim Arnold Arnold, kim
karnold@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School
Amanda Atwell Atwell, Amanda
Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Adv. Topics, & ACT Prep
aatwell@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Derek Barlow Barlow, Derek
Anatomy/Physiology, Envir Science, JR Girls Basketball, 7th Girls Basketball, SR Girls Basketball
dbarlow@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Samantha Behm Behm, Samantha
2nd Grade
sbehm@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Laurie Bergenstock Bergenstock, Laurie
Physical Science, Biology, Physics,Environmental Science
lbergenstock@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Angela Bonewell
Bonewell, Angela
eSchool/SIS/HAC Coordinator
abonewell@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools
Andrea Bradford Bradford, Andrea
Middle School Administrative Assistant
abradford@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School
Lance Bradford Bradford, Lance
Maintenance Technician
lbradford@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools
Stephanie Brewer Brewer, Stephanie
Elementary Self-Contained Teacher
sbrewer@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Holly Brown Brown, Holly
English 11, AP English 12, Journalism
hbrown@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Rhonda Brown Brown, Rhonda
3rd Grade
rbrown@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Carlene Brunk Brunk, Carlene
Instructional Facilitator
cbrunk@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools
Darren  Busch Busch, Darren
dbusch@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools View Website
Lisa Butler Butler, Lisa
HS Choir, Jr High Choir, MS and Elementary Music
lbutler@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Paula Butler Butler, Paula
7th and 8th Grade Science
pbutler@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Jamie Carter Carter, Jamie
4th Grade
jcarter@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Matthew Chandler Chandler, Matthew
Coach/Keyboarding/Career Orent.
matthew.chandler@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Frank Cluck Cluck, Frank
Algebra III, Pre-Cal/Trig, AP Calculus, Comp. Sci. w/Math
frank.cluck@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Paula Coughran Coughran, Paula
1st Grade
pcoughran@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Alina Cox Cox, Alina
6th Grade English, 6th Grade Reading, 6th Grade Social Studies
acox@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Kate Cross Cross, Kate
kcross@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Tanya Cross Cross, Tanya
Library/Media Center
tcross@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Sherry Dyer Dyer, Sherry
Cafeteria Director
sdyer@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools
Shannon Eversole Eversole, Shannon
Special Education Resource
seversole@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Julie Ferguson Ferguson, Julie
4th Grade
jaferguson@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Lisa Fox Fox, Lisa
6th Math, 6th Grade Math Enrichment, 7th Grade Math Enrichment
lfox@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Middle School View Website
Maria Frazier Frazier, Maria
4th Grade
mfrazier@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Elementary View Website
Danny Fuller Fuller, Danny
AP World History, AP US History, World History
dfuller@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Savannah Garner Garner, Savannah
English 10, English 11
savannah.garner@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Rebecca Gipson Gipson, Rebecca
Special Education-Resource
rgipson@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Sonya Green Green, Sonya
English 9, Oral Communications, Drama
sgreen@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Lauren Griffino Griffino, Lauren
HS-Business Classes
lgriffino@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School View Website
Kathy Harrell Harrell, Kathy
GT Coordinator
kharrell@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville Public Schools View Website
Barbara Henson-Preston Henson-Preston, Barbara
Cafeteria Staff
barbara.preston@cedarvilleschools.orgCedarville High School
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